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Exploring for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Grid Battery Metals is focused on nickel and lithium. These two battery metals are forecast to experience rapid growth over the coming decade as the EV and battery sectors expand.


Closed private placement June 2023 for gross proceeds of $3M CAD

10 Million

10 million EVs sold worldwide in 2022

14 Million

EV sales projected to reach 14 million in 2023

3 Million

Annual Lithium demand expected to surpass 3 million tonnes by 2030

About Us

Our project is very well situated in central British Columbia with access via high-speed logging roads, secondary forestry roads, rails lines, and hydroelectric power that crisscrosses this region of British Columbia In nearby towns, there’s an abundance of skilled labour, assay labs, helicopter services and overall infrastructure to support mining exploration.

The company’s exploration targets border a potentially carbon-neutral nickel-iron deposit. To date, the adjoining company has spent over $25 million to explore and develop this target. Grid Battery Metals has optioned a group of properties in this region. Over the past 25 years, these properties have undergone a limited amount of exploration and drilling.

Battery Metals Market: Nickel & Lithium

Automakers are moving towards higher nickel chemistries in their EV batteries as a more sustainable energy delivery solution.

Passenger vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries globally: 10% by 2025, 27% by 2030 with 58% market penetration by 2050.2

EV Batteries

Nickel's primary use was in the manufacture of stainless steel but in recent years it has become increasingly important in EV batteries

Low Cost

The cost of lithium-ion battery packs has dropped by 87% since 2010, making them more attractive to manufacturers


Nickel in batteries provides higher energy density, storage at lower cost, and longer drive ranges

Growing Demand

Automakers are concerned about suppliers’ ability to meet ongoing lithium demand

Our Projects

Prospecting and Advancement

We have discovered zones abundant in Nickel and Lithium during our exploration work, and we intend to conduct further investigations on these areas in the future. Additionally, we are currently assessing different development possibilities to optimize the value of our projects.

Texas Spring

Clayton Valley Project

Volt Canyon

Investment potential

Investing with us opens up the chance for you to partake in the expansion of the electric vehicle market and contribute to the worldwide shift towards sustainable energy. Our initiatives are situated in politically stable regions, offering investors a high degree of security and reassurance.

Join Grid Battery Metals in investing toward the future of electric vehicles

Why invest with us?

If you seek to gain exposure to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market, investing in Grid Battery Metals could be a wise decision. The company is dedicated to acquiring and advancing projects that produce essential metals for the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries, including cobalt, nickel, and lithium.

Investing Advice

With a demonstrated history of effectively identifying and advancing top-notch mineral projects, our team brings decades of experience in the mining and exploration industry to the table.

Growth Oppurtunity

At Grid Battery Metals, we are convinced that the demand for electric vehicles and battery metals will persist in its growth trajectory, and investing with us can allow investors to seize this trend. Our team is committed to generating value for our shareholders and we hold a strong conviction that we can deliver substantial returns over the long haul.

Stock Prices




Miners and battery producers could potentially steer the growth of EV industry.

In the past, lithium markets were oversaturated, leading to a lack of investment. However, with the surge in EV demand, new requirements could potentially cause scarcities in this critical battery raw material. As a result, along with new environmental regulations, many conventional mining companies may face significant challenges.

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