Volt Canyon Lithium

Our unwavering focus is on exploring and advancing premium-grade battery metals deposits that will drive the transition towards a sustainable future. In our portfolio lies the Volt Canyon Lithium project, which holds a pivotal role, as Lithium forms a critical element in the creation of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems.

Overview of the Volt Canyon Lithium Exploration - Development Project

Grid Battery Metals has staked 80 placer claims covering approximately 635 hectares of alluvial sediments. Located in Monitor Valley, Nevada, approximately 122 km north-northeast of Tonopah, Nevada is the Volt Canyon Lithium Property.

This property features sediment-hosted lithium clay targets and has excellent accessibility, enabling exploration and exploitation throughout the year. Although limited exploration has been conducted, surface samples from the region’s NURE data revealed up to 108 ppm Li near the claim block.

The deposit’s origin is thought to be similar to Clayton Valley clay deposits, located about 180 km to the south. The USGS preliminary deposit model characterizes both areas as light-colored, ash-rich, lacustrine rocks containing swelling clays.


Monitor Valley, Nevada, USA

Total Area

~635 hectares
(~1,565 acres)


80 claims in 1 group





Benefits of Nevada

Ranked the 3rd best mining jurisdiction in the world in 2019 by the Fraser Institute, Nevada is ideally suited to supply domestic and Asian markets.

Strong Ethics

Strong ethic toward effective & successful reclamation (restoring land that has been mined to a natural / economically usable state)


Largest mining program in the US with 49% of the Bureau of Land Management’s active mining claims


Mining friendly regulations with a Stable political environment. Producing lithium since 1966 at the Silver Peak Mine